Nu Funk… We’re back, but we need you…

So I guess you thought we had disappeared?  Well… we nearly did! I’ve been well busy with family stuff, Jims been busy with a new job, and thats the extent of our team!! So for the last couple of weeks, things have been a little quiet around here!

Fear not!! We’ve been working hard on the site in the background – so the problems with double posting and blank pages in the forum should *hopefully* be sorted now!! If you have ANY problems with the site – please please please email us to let us know!!

Over the next couple of days we’ve got a shed load of new posts to put up, and some exciting new developments too.

HOWEVER, we are finding it increasingly difficult to post great news about the nu funk scene, so if you can string a few sentences together, know some cool info about nu funk, and have a spare 30 mins a week or so, then you could be a contributor to this blog! If you are interested, just email admin (at)  and we’ll take if from there!

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  1. Fistfunk wrote:

    Thought you’d deserted us. Glad you’re back!

  2. rossatron wrote:

    love the site, a massive discovery, Nu-Funk is on the verge of being huge, stick with it boys and girls, its the way forward!! why not have a section for new finds and bombs being dropped soon, new releases etc. Work a bit with soundcloud, juno etc. anyway love it so big love. xx rossatron

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