What’s been happening at NuFunk.co.uk?

Well, not that much lately!

I’m making this post largely in response to a forum post I made the other day, and is basically anwering “what  happened?” to new updates to the blog.

Well, a few things happened, but the main reason the updates stopped is that I got bored of doing blog posts that were ripped off on other sites.

When it takes 30 minutes to write something, that is copied and pasted in 5 seconds and claimed as someone elses, unless you are dead keen, in a scene this size, it just wasn’t sustainable (now I know the way artists feel when they are bootlegged! :D).  Plus I got a new demanding day job, so my time was more precious… but hey, thats life.

My plan for NuFunk.co.uk was to build a community around the forum (I’ve got a bit of experience in this area), and I have found that the best way to develop these is to let it grow on its own and naturally develop.

That said, its obvious, in the days of “we want it all right now” people want things to happen a lot quicker, hence the completely grotty looking other nufunk website that has popped up (which seems to be doing more damage than good – how anyone wants to get involved with a music site or scene that looks like a fluoro raver has thrown up all over it beats me) and various nufunk features and write-ups appearing on other blogs. I’m glad I have given the scene a universal term for the music to be known as… :D

Anyway, I’m not overly happy about how it’s all progressing, Nu Funk is everything that is Funky and New (hence the clever name…) – this does not mean its just funky breaks mixed in with <insert classic sample here>, it covers loads of different music. If people want to cover their ears and close their eyes and call breaks bootlegs “Nu Funk” then they are taking the fast route to a fucked up shit scene that people will fast lose interest in. Theres a lot of quality funk music out there, and the purpose of this site was to bring it all together, not to turn it in to a) a running joke or b) another name for breaks.

I’m willing to giveaway large parts of the ownership and running of the website to writers, reviews, bloggers, designers, coders, promoters, events, radio, podcasters, basically whoever wants to get involved, raise an arm. All I ask is that you are dedicated. If you think you have something to offer and will see it through, you should get in touch.  This is an amazing opportunity, so grasp it, it’s only coming this once.

Email jim@nufunk.co.uk with your ideas or whatnot and we’ll go from there.

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