DJ Def Cut ‘Keep It Raw’ – Free Album Download!

DJ Def Cut - Keep It Raw

F**k the money and the industry! This is a present to all my Fans, B-Boys, B-Girls and Break-Beat Lovers!! – DJ Def Cut

Def Cut has only gone and ‘done a radiohead™ and is giving his new album away for free / for donations to all you lucky nu-funkateers, you lucky little fellows.   It contains some serious dancefloor heat and will make you want to pop some windmills and headspins (as long as your back is up to it!)

Hit up his website and check it out.  there’s also a link at the bottom of the page to make a donation, so be sure to play nice and help keep mr def cut stocked with fresh wax & needles.

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  1. Phil wrote:

    Thats some heavy beats & breaks, love it!

  2. Zamal1 wrote:

    loving it, thx for letting us know 😉

  3. Pimpsoul wrote:

    Simply awesome give-a-way, so many little tools and edits to choose from, thanks dude, Massive props!

  4. PigBallsRecords wrote:

    WOW! what an amazing release… and a give away… man… unbelivibal… awaesome… deadly… thats the real funky shit… with a lot of killer nreaks… LooooovE IT!

  5. teskko wrote:

    man, great. big ups from wroc?aw / poland

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