Interview & Mix from Smoove & Turrell


We love the sounds of Smoove and Turrell, so its great to hear their take on the past years successes.  The good people over at Inhale caught up with them recently for a quick interview, so you should definitely check it out –

The guys are gearing up for their next single release – Beggarman – which we featured the video for a while back.  Now its getting its official release, its also having some reworks done – by Basement Freaks, Crazy P and Smoove himself. You can check listen to preview samples and more info out here

Smoove also dropped by to drop us this exclusive DJ mix of his :

Download :

Smoove and TurrellBeggarman” with remixes from Crazy P / Basement FreaksSmoove is released 16th November on Jalapeno records.

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  1. djp wrote:

    still haven’t put him in the ‘we like the sounds of’ section yet though… 😛

  2. mrmehikano wrote:

    the link 4 smooves dj mix is not working…

  3. jim wrote:

    works fine for me!

  4. benjay747 wrote:

    not working for me either

  5. JamesSims wrote:

    not workin for me too

  6. SMOOVE wrote:

    working for me

  7. Daveboogie wrote:

    Def worked for me.. SWEET MIX!

    QUESTION – Who does the remix of Beggerman? And will that be available on vinyl?

    Who does the remix of Turning me on at the end?

    Best two mixes Ive heard this year are from this site, this one andf the first hour of Stickpod from Shambala is off the hook!

    Heres a re-edit of Average White Band if anyones interested.. Called Average White Tune

    Chur from NZ!!

  8. SMOOVE wrote:

    dave- turn me on is by dedydread and dj rebal (smoove retouch)out on wack records in dec 2009 beggarman remix is by crazy p and also dropped the smoove remix of it “feeeeeeeelin” thanx for your kind words.

  9. Skopskiet wrote:

    Niiice re edit Dave .. liking it mate ..

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