Free Track from Rusty B (All Good Funk Alliance)


Not everyone will immediately recognise the name Rus B, or even Rusty B, but most people should know All Good Funk Alliance, of which our man Rus is one half of.  This MP3 winged its way to us through a secret backdoor of the Funk Weapons International corp, via a short little trip out to the Baffin Island Beat Brigade… confused? Yeah, we were a bit too, but basically, all you need know is – its a nice little nu funk styled remix, and its free. 

You want more? OK, well lets hand it over to Rusty….

“I wanted to blend the sounds of Go Go with some banger-style synth bass, and came up with this. The drums are cut from EU “Freeze” and Kurtis Blow’s “Party Time” which Trouble Funk produced. The bassline and keys are all me, and the scratches are from DjP. Mad thanks to Frank for his mixdown and mastering skills and adding all those little bits to make it complete. I tested this track on a proper system and the whole place was shaking, so play at your own risk.  Much respect to cats like Nick Thayer, A-Skillz, Sticky Buds, et al for pushing this tempo and flavor.”

Choclair “The Essence” (Rockmaster Rus B Go Go Remix)

Download :

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  1. djp wrote:

    banger. official.

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