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So, this is it.  Welcome! You are feasting your eyes upon a new web project aiming to be the focal point for the all encompassing, loosely termed and under-represented “nu funk” scene! http://www.nufunk.co.uk.

A platform for artists, producers, DJs, listeners, punters and such like to share their latest tracks, finds, mixes, productions or whatever.

The site was born out of pure frustration – we loved the music, but could find nowhere to actually read about new releases, find mixes, find where to go out or even who the artists to look out for were.  So hopefully this blog, and our forum, will start to be a source for this information.

Get Involved

We’ve just launched the site,  so need 2 things – content and people.  If you a have a mix, a free track, an event you want to plug, a new track coming out, your DJing somewhere cool, or you need to know a track name etc… Register now, go to the forum and plug away.  Think you have something special? Drop us an email with the details and we might do a blog post about it, giving you a bit of a write up and a plug and giving you some exposure.

Secondly, we need people. So if you have friends who you feel may dig this site drop them an email and let them know about it.  Alternatively, you can post this page (or any other post) to your Faceborks, MySpazs, Twitterytits, and other assorted play-on-words websites by using the handy rollover thing at the bottom of this post.  Click on the icon and it does the hard work for you.

Do you spout goodness from your brainbox in the paragraph form? We are also looking for resident contributors to the site – reviews, interviews, articles, profiles, whatever people fancy writing, and whatever people fancy reading.  Get in touch with us via email if you do.

If you like what you see here and want to give us some ideas or inspiration or just say “bloody good job lads” – then the comments feed below is where you need to be at.

NuFunk on Twitter (soon to have blog updates and everything)
NuFunk on Facebook (become a fan of the Nu Funk!)
NuFunk on MySpace (yeah, we’re old skool baby!)
NuFunk on Bebo (we ain’t 13 yo)

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  1. countrycockney wrote:

    Top work guys. Nice to finally have a one stop shop for all things funkay. :o)

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