Ali B Funk Show Tracklist 14/07

Another top show from the man B, this time with Nick Thayer laying down a phat mix, complete with extensive tracklisting.

Listen Again :


Juke – Like It Or Not – Air Recordings
Guy – Teddy’s Jam – Bombs
Qdup Foundation – Fat Albert – Cdr
Smoove & Tureel – You Don’t Know – Jalepeno
Dj Love Feat L Biasca & Jakia – Nightlife Crawlers – Air Recordings
A Skillz And The Beat Vandals – Funky Sounds – Bomb Strikes


1. Adventures In Success – Will Powers (Island 1983)
A pseudonym for some psychiatrist chick, the vocals were done by her with a vocoder. This tune was actually written by Sting too, whilst other collabs on the album ‘Dancing For Mental Health’ include Nile Rogers. Recently dug up for the Stanton Warrior’s tune of the same name.

2. Stoop Rap – Double Trouble (Mr Bongo 1982)
From the movie Wild Style for all you trainspotters. It is apparently some other live performance by Double Trouble that spawned the infamous ‘Tank fly boss walk…’ line as sampled by Norman ‘Beats International’ Cook for Dub Be Good To Me.

3. Missy Missy Dee – Missy Dee and The Melody Crew (Numero Group 1981)
Just teenagers when they recorded this joint on the back half of a studio session from their mates The Fabulous 3 MCs (who’s session spawned Rub A Dub), Lady T was the one from the group who went on to fame, eventually winding up in Kurtis Blow’s crew.

4. Rockin On Ya Radio – Crash Crew (Sugar Hill 1984)
Apparently the Crash Crew released an album in 2001? One of them Mike C drives a bus now.

5. Us Girls – Sharon Green, Lisa Counts & Debbie D (Atlantic 1984)
Another joint from a movie. This is my favourite joint from Beat Street hands down. These girls got mad attitude. “If one ain’t got no money, the other one lends” is lyric gold. Don’t think they ever did anything else together.

6. Make Me Wanna Wiggle (Mike B Edit) – Brothers Johnson (A&M 1980)
The Brothers Johnson had mad hits. Obviously ‘Strawberry Letter 23?, and of course ‘Ain’t We Funkin Now’. This is on the same album as ‘Stomp’ which was produced by Quincy Jones. Not sure if this particular tune was or not, but it sounds like it was. From memory he did one side of the LP.

7. Another Man (Instrumental) – Barbara Mason (West End ?)
That synth is deep and tough, and those lovely squiggles just set the whole thing off. Not that I don’t like Babs’ voice but this version lets that instrumentation come through.

8. Rap-O Clap-O (Nick Thayer Edit) – Joe Bataan (Salsoul 1979)
My copy of this record is seriously on its last legs. I love the intro and of course the ting ting triangle break that everyone always jumps up for. Most of Joe’s verses are a bit ordinary to be honest, but remember in 1979 Jay Z wasn’t around to get on your track.

9. Get It On – Spence (Ariola 1983)
Apparently these guys are from the Netherlands, which explains the random ‘Say Whaaat’ all the way through the track. Still. I love the massive sound FX that are like 10 times louder than the rest of the track.

10. Operator – Midnight Star (Solar 1984)
The same Midnight Star that gave us the unforgattable ‘Midas Touch’, this is one of those slice of electro-funk laden with as much robot voice they could squeeze in. I’m not sure if the girl is singing to the robot saying when she says ‘I’m gonna operate your love tonight’ or not. Still. Not sure it matters that much to anyone apart from her (or the robot).

11. Ghetto Life – Rick James (Gordy 1981)
Thanks to Mr Chappelle it seems everyone knows the name Rick James, but most people would be hard pushed to get beyond ‘Superfreak’, or maybe at a push ‘the other one… ummm Give It To Me’. Truth be told I was a latecomer to this one, only realising how awesome it was about a year ago.

12. Saturday Night Hustle – Sway (Dcypha 2008)
The only non original tune on here. Obivously using ‘Saturday Love’ by Cherelle, Sway jumps all over this one. It still maintains the sound of the original nicely enough I think.

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