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Few people have achieved what Featurecast aka Lee Mintram have achieved in a pretty short space of time, Lee has certainly been one of the most important players on the “nu-funk” scene in the last 24 months, with a slew of dance floor destroying releases on the ever so tight (as an otters pocket) Goodgroove records plus killer remixes for Fort Knox 5, Smoove & Turrell, Dr Rubber Funk and the All Good Funk Alliance to name but a few.

A book full of gigs where he continues to blow the crowds away with his amazing bootlegs and with that all important first album currently in the making, we thought it right to catch up with Lee on a Friday afternoon to talk about his upcoming album, rescuing orphaned rabbits, the nufunk scene and breaking shot-put records.

So, how’s its all going?

“Really well, music wise I have my Grandmaster  Cast EP (available now on Baffin Island Brigade) out at the moment along with my track on the new Bombstrikes which i’m sharing with Pimpsoul (Into Battle EP, out now!). I have a 4 track E.P which is forthcoming on Goodgroove which is due for release November/December time, its a special release this one as its marks Goodgrooves 20th release, so there will be a full colour artwork on the sleeve, plus a drum and bass remix for Dr Rubberfunk on Jalapeno, after that, I really want to concentrate on my album.”

The all important first album, tell us more?

“The album will of course be the same Featurecast vibe but I’ll be working with more rappers and vocalists on this one rather than sampling. I want it to be something that works on the dance floor but you can also listen to it at home, I think it’s important the album does that.  It’s really hard finding the right vocalists etc, its all still very much in the making, I have lots of tracks flying around, I’ve turned down quite a few remixes as this is what I want to concentrate on now, so,  I’m hoping (deep breath) it will be finished by Christmas.

If you know any vocalists or rappers that have “got the funk” tell them to get in touch through Lee’s myspace  http://www.myspace.com/featurecast

While we are still on the subject of music, how did it all start out for you?

(Deeper breath) My parents where into disco, soul and funk and used to have parties when I was younger so I was exposed to music from an early age. My neighbour first exposed me to DJing, I was blown away by the whole thing. I used to practice scratching on a Tandy record deck!  I’ve been involved in a lot of different scenes over the year,  I lived with a guy called Jon Doe in Milford-on-Sea making hard dance, we put a lot of stuff out on Nukleuz Records, The distributor used to write us a cheque for a remix, we would do that remix and then move on to the next, it was a great time. After I moved on to work with James Zabelia, then produced a hiphop group that toured with Ice T and Black Eyed Peas, as well as a whole host of other music styles, but always coming back to Funk & Breaks

What do you think about the current scene?

Its great, there are more and more producers getting involved and building up a momentum,  A-Skillz, Krafty, and AGFA have been pushing this sound for years and where ever I play the crowds seem to be building a little more each time I play a venue, Europe is getting into it, sometimes I will be playing one room with house music in another and by the end of my set I have all the house crowd in my room, so people are definitely starting to come around and take a real interest. There are more labels putting out quality tracks to, such as Manmade and Baffin Brigade along side Bombstrikes and of course Goodgroove.

So what would be a perfect day for Featurecast?

A perfect day? (pauses) Erm, A good day in the studio, then just chilling with my girl, maybe watch a film? of course it would involve food at some point.

We then got onto the subject of films, which led us on to “Featurecasts feature picks and put downs”

So your recommendation for the picks?

“District 9, loved it, had me on the edge of my seat and another, can I have another?” (Yes Lee, you can)” it’s got to be Inglorious Bastards, best Tarantino film yet. Oh and Zombieland!”

And you’re put down?

“I may upset a few people by saying this, but, Transformers 2, it was shit!” (we agree – Ed.)

So finally tell us a few things we don’t already know about Featurecast?

I’m a bit of an animal lover, we have 3 rabbits living in our flat, one of which was wild, my girlfriend and I where out camping and came across an orphaned rabbit, it was on its own so we decided to take it home.

For those that know me well, know that I’m not a sports fan, especially taking part in sport, when I was still at school I was roped into to doing the shot-put on sports day, not only did I win but I smashed the school record, this is some 10-15 years ago, I was talking to mate the other day and my record still stands after all these years! How ya like dem apples! lol

For more Featurecast information – check out his MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/featurecast

Interview by Steve Pimpsoul

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  1. Stickybuds wrote:

    I met Featurecast in person once. After he smashed the main stage at Shambhala he ate a bunch of mini donuts.

    He was pretty nice to. 😛

  2. UnholyKnight wrote:

    Glad the NuFunk is picking up in the UK. Not manyare all that aware of it in Texas.

  3. djp wrote:

    so that’s where my pet rabbit went…

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  6. Rory wrote:

    Featurecast, I’d probably have to agree with you about Transformers – Revenge Of The Fallen.

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